We use technology to deliver rich content and make entertainment accessible.

Company Profile

TV Anywhere Africa is a media technology company that offers IPTV Platform-as-a-Service, local and international content aggregation, and customized, white-label user interface to enable telecom operators, internet service providers, and independent OTT players to profitably deliver high-quality content to their user base in a cost-effective manner

Our Mission

To make affordable digital entertainment available to largely mobile phone dependent African population while creating sustainable revenue streams for Telecom Service Providers and Content Providers

TV Anywhere aims to be the leading entertainment and media gateway to Africa and other emerging market with the mission to change the way and manner in which TV/ and Video contents are being distributed and consumed in the market. 

Approach to Market

We enable the creation of a new market segment that merges the prepaid, On-the-Go and small package culture with the traditional Digital TV culture, making this available to mass market audience with increasing affinity for smartphone

Meet Our Leadership Team