Platform as a Service

A CAPEX free solution for operators looking to launch an IPTV/OTT service.

Many telecom and internet service provider globally are seeking for the most cost-effective manner to launch own video streaming service. The current business model of these players is highly CAPEX intensive. Declining EBITDA margins and increasing price competition on telecom services is creating a difficulty in making the case for increased CAPEX spend on new business innovation such as Video streaming.

TV Anywhere platform offers a CAPEX free solution to telecom operators and internet service providers to launch an IPTV/OTT service with a faster time to market. Since the proposed service is a fully managed capacity model, the operator is not required to pay upfront for IPTV Platform Hardware, Software, Implementation nor support services. Instead the operator will pay TV Anywhere a monthly PaaS fee modelled as Cost per Subscribers (CPS). This model eliminates upfront cost as a barrier and enables the operator to pay for service as it grows its subscription service base.

Where the service provider is also sourcing content by taking advantage of our content aggregation service, the PaaS (Platform as a Service) fees will depend on IPTV/OTT service offering and number of users that are utilizing the service on a monthly basis.

Our PaaS model comes with a standard support, Operation and Maintenance service which includes 24/7 Network Operation Center and Customer Care services

TV Anywhere Platform Features

  • Several different EPG views enable end users to easily find interesting TV shows